Call me crazy, but I’ve never thought Cobie Smulders was smoldering. I think  the How I Met Your Mother star is funny and has a rockin’ bod, but her face… I hate it. Like literally, I hate her face.  On HIMYM shes always making the weirdest “I just farted” kind of faces. It drops her from a 10 to a 6 in my opinion. Of course, I’d be lucky to even dream of 6, but in regards to her being a sexy-brunette-vixen in Joss Whedon’s Avengers, it’s a little hard for me to buy.

Smulders is playing Maria Hill, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D in Marvel’s upcoming tentpole super hero extravaganza. In a recent interview via Vulture the actress discusses her sex symbol hopes and divulges a spoiler about her character. Below is an excerpt from her interview.

You’re also getting into action with Joss Whedon’s The Avengers. Before he cast you in that, he said he was considering you for a Wonder Woman project. So he’s clearly a fan. Did he ever tell you why?
No! If he did, I would throw up in my mouth. I mean, the Wonder Woman thing was a very kind comment, I think. I was never in touch with studios about it or anything like that. But we had so much fun shooting [The Avengers]. We had days when it was just us working — and, oh, 200 extras — but, you know, in the inner circle, it was nice to sit by the monitor with him and watch him take on this ginormous project with great ease.

You’re not a superhero in the movie, but you do have sick costumes?
I do. They’re very sleek, and very leather. And she has superpowers and is hyperintelligent; a very nice, fine woman who has all the answers.

Sounds like this role might turn you into the sexy-brunette-vixen type.
You know, fingers crossed! If I can be seen as somewhat sexual, if only to my fiancé, after having a child and turning 30, I will be happy for us.

Provided Smulders doesn’t make any fart faces in her scenes I think she’ll pull off the sexy-brunette-vixen just fine. Now, on the matter of superpowers. That’s either a mistake or a big departure from the comic book as Agent Maria Hill has never had any superpowers. However, we did report a while back the efforts of an over eager IMDB copy writer who listed her role as both Maria Hill and Anelle, Skrull Princess. That means nothing of course, IMDB cast listing are never reliable. However, the Skrulls -a shape-shifting alien race that invade earth- have been thought to be villains in the Avengers ever since the flick was first announced. We still don’t know if the Skrulls have any major play in the film, but the set photos and trailer featuring alien ships and hand guns certainly imply some sort of invasion. It’s gotta be the Skrulls. With the IMDB casting mention and this slip from Smulders, it’s likely Maria Hill is an alien double agent.
Source: GeekTyrant via Vulture

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