Everyone loves a good conspiracy story, from who shot J.F.K. to 911 to the moon landings. Some people get pretty far out there when they start talking about them. So it doesn’t surprise me that someone over at FOX News decided that the latest Muppet’s movie is just the tip of the Felt covered conspiracy feltberg. The conspiracy to brain wash your kids about the evils of capitalism. What makes me laugh is that anyone is writing about it . . . myself included.

The Muppets, in case you haven’t seen it yet, follows Kermit and the gang (with help from Jason Segel, Amy Adams and a new character named Walter) as they put on a telethon to save their beloved Muppet Studios from an oil baron who wants to level it and drill.

What message does Follow the Money host Eric Bolling pull from this? “Is liberal Hollywood using class warfare to brainwash our kids?” he asks, while one of his expert guests lumps The Muppets and Cars 2 in the same category as Syriana and There Will Be Blood.

So does it stand up? The Muppets does paints Chris Cooper’s Tex Richman as an unrepentant villain. And he’s after money, pure and simple. He’s evil and wealthy. Not wealthy because he is evil, but just evil and wealthy. What Bolling and friends miss completely is that, in The Muppets, Kermit is living high on the hog (yes that is a Miss Piggy reference) in a Beverly Hills mansion, with a robot driving his Rolls; Gonzo is a successful toilet magnate; and Miss Piggy is a magazine editor at Paris Vogue. All of them rich, famous, and living the life of Riley.

The Muppets are the 1 percent.

Face it, every television news show, Internet blog or site is hungry for something to talk about. Anything to talk about, even the misbegotten Felt fury of Fox News.

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