Spock Originally Written as a Woman


Back in the day all you had to know about Spock was:

Beard = Evil Spock

No Beard = Good Spock

Recently Nichelle Nichols dropped a casting photon torpedo while being interviewed on the Science Channel’s special documentary Trek Nation. Nichols let loose with the story that when she first auditioned for Star Trek, she was asked to read the script for the part of Spock, Kirk’s beloved Vulcan bromance. Nichelle said:

“They gave me a three-page script to read from that had three characters named Bones, Kirk and somebody called Spock, and they asked me if I would read for the role of Spock. When I looked at this great text, I said to myself, ‘I’ll take any one of these roles,’ but I found the Spock character to be very interesting, and I asked them to tell me what she [Spock] was like.”

Think about that. Not only would Spock have been female, but African American as well. Could 60’s television America handle that one? Paramount executives and Star Trek producers obviously couldn’t. Of course many changes are made in the production process of putting a show on television or making a movie. There must have been rewrites galore. Not that I am complaining, without Nimoy as Spock, SciFi fandom would has lost one of the greatest Bromances ever known.

What I’m interested about is that this story has never come up in the last 20 years of conventions, interviews, and apperances. This story would be convention panel gold.

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