The Interwebz is a great place for nerdy art and the like. A lot of the time it’s crazy things like Wonder Woman BDSM, Spider-man shooting “web” all over Mary Jane, Miss piggy in the middle of a pig roast orgy and all other kinds of ungodly things. But there are a lot of awesome things that we see on a daily basis, and we’re lazy nerd bastards so we just round them all up once a week for your nerdgasm glory.

A voluptuous Iron Girl, do I need to say more?  It’s in no way objectifying….

Art courtesy of CGHUB artist EVANLEE82

Via: Geek Tyrant

Hit the jump for Harley jumping on Batman, Hellboy in real life, Transformers X-Box Mod, animated BSG and MOAR

Artist Stephane Roux drew up this really sweet depiction of Joker’s number one gal Harley Quinn jumping Batman’s bones…with a pogo stick. That look on her face just means she’s having fun, yeah that’s it, “fun”.

Via: Deviant Art

The image is basically Hellboy in human form. Which I find odd, because shouldn’t Ron Pearlman looks like Hellboy in human form? Regardless, this is amazing and creepy.

Via: Chuggin Monkeys

Admit it, when you were watching Disney princesses back in the day you thought they were hot, even model hot. That’s why artist Petite Tiaras created a 13-magazine cover series of the princesses on the covers of top fashion magazines, like princess Jasmine pictured above.

Via: Geekologie

Urdnot Prips, a.k.a Priscilla  Tramontano invokes your inner child with very colorful and shiny retro pop culture art. The Brazilian artist takes on everything from Supergirl to female versions of Megatron and Doctor Doom, which are amazeballs. Want one? Then you’re in luck ’cause Urdnot is taking commissions, that’s right, she’ll draw whatever you want.

Via: Comics Alliance

Designer Mark Bongo took his X-box 360 and modded the parts into a Transformer‘s Bumblebee (vehicle mode), even going as far as to customizing the controller. You can even drive the car itself in between games thanks to that handy dandy remote control back there. Neato!

Via: Technabob

Etsy user Harshness has these minimalistic X-Men prints for sale. Is it minimalist if they have to put the name on them? Regardless, they’re pretty astonishing (no pun intended) The X-Men posters run $19 for a 12X16 print.

Via: The Mary Sue

Right in time for the release of Jon Favreau‘s Sci-Fi western mash-up Cowboys & Aliens is this one of a kind Cowboys & Aliens poster by Florian Bertmer from Mondo. Prints for sale at a mere $45, you didn’t actually think it was one-of-a-kind did you?

Via: Super Punch

3D Gollum graffiti by artist SmugOne. It’s dope, and so is the spot.

via Obvious Winner

Artist Otis Frampton — known for his illustration of a Saturday morning cartoon-style Firefly cast — has given the “animated series” treatment to another sci-fi fave, Battlestar Galactica. Who wants a BSG animated series? >>> THIS GUY!

Via: GeeksAreSexy

This comic strip, created by Mike Maihack, isn’t really about the origin of Supergirl or Batgirl’s costumes…it’s that Batman is a stud to everyone in the super hero community.

Via: The Mary Sue

Just because you don’t have a snow in your front yard doesn’t mean you can’t have a damn funny winter decoration in your front yard. Whoever owns this house and these Calvin and Hobbes decoration is the greatest family ever.

Via: The High Definite

Kyrazis, the Greek artist probably best known to American audiences for his work for IDW’s Ghostbusters and Falling For Lionheart, has drawn up his 30 favorite DC characters in an incredible piece that stretches a company-appropriate 52 inches across!

(Click for the full-size version)


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