Possible (Poorly Translated) Avengers Spoilers

The French, we can thank them for their fries, their form of kissing, letting the Germans get the ball rolling on not one but two really big wars that gave us some kick ass movies and videos games, and now we can (maybe) thank them for a sneak peak at the next Avengers trailer. Comic Book Movie got the inside track from some cheese loving surrender monkey that claimed to have been invited to an evaluation for a new international trailer for the Joss Whedon helmed Marvel superhero team-up movie.

I’m going to say this wine drinking mime lover of a source is suspect. The description is long. Like really long, more than you’d normally see in a trailer. Once you get past the mangled English (Google Translate was all up in this) you get either a sneak peek at the next trailer, or some ‘I’ve run out of French stereotypes’ fan boy dream. Either way, I’ll post some highlights after the jump.

The trailer begins with Nick Fury addressing the idea that he had to collect powerful beings to face the battles that we could never win. This speech is interspersed with the Fury police, the army and the armed forces, and probably also agents of SHIELD, being destroyed by trying to stop Loki. This first part ends with the Fury saying “Gentlemen, it is now with you.” 

We then see Captain America in action doing some stunts on top of cars destroyed in a NY, ending in a forest with him throwing the shield toward the screen. Black Widow riding a bike shooting at a vehicle with her bracelet and another shot with her dressed a little more intimate, beating some guys. We also see Thor flying with Mjolnir hitting shots and landing in a forest. Hawkeye launching an arrow that explodes the door of an elevator and he launched another arrow in an elevator which is rising. This second arrow sticks in the lift and drop a rope, safe and Hawkye that goes along with the elevator. Very nice scene. Then we have Bruce Banner becoming the Hulk in the same place since the first trailer and ending with Tony entering the Iron Man armor and a kind of missile chasing a big city. 

This is where the logos apparently come in, see what I mean about it being long? Let’s cut it up a bit more.

The Avengers assemble in room, trade glances and coy remarks, Nick Fury rings out a speech about how ‘our planet has never faced a threat like this, and that these heroes must leave their differences aside and fight together‘. After which apparently the heroes start infighting. A lot. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) fights Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) fights the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo).  Loki (Tom Hiddleston) introduces the Earth to a green alien menace (some are apparently purple, others blue, but yes we already know they are Skrulls) and then there are some aerial battles involving the Helicarrier and the Quinjet.

That is a really big overhead view of what the source says was in the trailer. Seriously, go to Comic Book Movie and see for yourself.

If this IS the next trailer, it has a lot packed into it.



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