Warner Bros appears to be playing some Tetris with their release dates lately. Word on the street is that Man of Steel, directed by Zack Snyder, will be taking up the December 2012 release date again.

Turns out that The Hobbit is having some difficulty making the proposed deadline, so the release date for that might be getting pushed back a year and Superman’s swooping in to save December the 14th, because whatever the fuck are we to do without at least one of Warner Bro’s big upcoming films?  Hell if I know.

From TMT:

One scenario we’re hearing involves the studio moving The Man of Steel, the Christopher Nolan-“Godfathered” Superman revival with Zack Snyder wearing the director cap into that Christmas ’12 slot. We’ve been told that production is flying as fast as the Big Blue himself with shooting to wrap early February, and scenes already being edited and sent out to various post-production houses as I type this.

Hopefully the pushing back of The Hobbit won’t be breaking any hearts.  Bear in mind that this is all rumor mill stuff at the moment, so none of this is set in stone just yet.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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