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Confession time. I’ve never had any interaction with Sailor Moon except to make fun of the show or ogle the (Adult women) Sailor Moon Cosplayers at conventions. When I first looked at posting this video I saw the twenty one minute time and thought:

“What the hell have I signed up for?” 

Now even though I enjoyed this video and the effort put into it by the cast and producers, I . . . as a 45 year old man . . . do NOT . . . want to publicize my enjoyment of a show made for young girls that are firmly in the go to jail age bracket. Is that Chris Hanson hiding in the bushes outside my house? I feel kinda creepy just writing about it, but don’t let my fear of public backlash stop you from checking out this fan film.

I wish others would take the time and effort these people did when making their fan films, I wouldn’t have to suffer through so many bad ones to find the few gems worth posting. 


Bunny T., an ordinary girl, is chosen to become a superhero named Sailor Moon. She is tasked with saving the world from the evil Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom, who is plotting to destroy the planet Earth.

Drawing inspiration from the manga, the anime and PGSM, this film is a mix of what fans are familiar with, while still being unique and original.

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