It has been months, if not years (ok, maybe just months) since we’ve we’ve heard anything about Todd McFarlane and his desire to reboot Spawn on the silver screen. What’s the news? Well, if you’re thinking it’s good now is about the time you should sit down. GeekChicDaily recently spoke to the Image Comics.

We had an Academy Award winning actor come up to the office the other day who’s interested being involved with it. He gave me his pitch on what he wanted to do with it and I sort of walked him through what I wanted to do. They could see that the guy who created it knows the audience better than they do. They know how it goes. They left even more interested then when they came. So they’re just waiting going “Todd, give me the script and let’s rock and roll.” He was saying the exact same thing as everyone else. “Get that damn script in my hand and let’s go.”

Todd, Todd, Todd… an ‘Academy Award winning actor’? Really? Who, Todd, tell us who and we might believe you.

So what is the damn hold up on getting his vision for the character he created to the big screen? Last we heard he was working on the script (alone) and when asked about that he said he keeps “getting distracted with stuff.” My guess is either Pogs or Hyper-Color t-shirts, because those are the only other two things from the 90’s that are less relevant than a new rebooted Spawn movie. Seriously, do we need another one?

As I write this, I am trying to drum up any memory of the first one that doesn’t involve John Leguizamo making me want to spoon my own eyes out with a melon baller. I do respect him wanting to overwrite that terrible film from 1997, but really. If McFarlane is having a hard time getting motivated about the project, maybe he should move on to one of the other really popular characters he’s created like… um, Medieval Spawn? Wait, no. That was Neil Gaiman.

Sorry Todd.


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