With all it’s creaky plot devices and cluttered narratives, Iron Man 2, did not quite reach the clarity and genius of Iron Man 1. Oh well, they’ll get it right the third time around, right? Hey, if you need a vote of confidence, listen to Iron Man himself Robert Downey Jr. who has nothing but praise for the upcoming Shane Black-directed threequel.

Recently chatting with Extra in a video interview RJD discussed future events in his life including the birth of his second child, The Avengers and essentially what will be his fourth ‘Iron Man’ appearance in Marvel’s Iron Man 3 movie. At the  1:50 mark, he says the script for IM3 is the best he’s read in the five years! Watch the interview below:

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If you’re not able to watch the above videos, here’s the most important quote from the interview:

Iron Man 3 is probably the best script I’ve read in five years, which is so funny. I mean, things have come so full circle that a genre superhero movie can actually be the most artistic bit of writing I read. But I think The Avengers is something a lot of the fans are really looking forward to, so I’m excited about that. The third Iron Man to me is an opportunity to go back to the kind of storytelling and character exploration that made the first one good

Whoa. Coming from him it sounds like the real deal. I’m pumped!

Iron Man 3 is expected to begin principal photography early next year based in Wilmington, North Carolina. And with Don Cheadle and Gwyneth Paltrow reprising their roles respectively, the Shane Black-directed threequel releases May 3, 2013!

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