Peter Dinkladge – GQ Stud of the Year


NerdBastards would like to officially declare this the: 

“Year of Dinkladge”

Co-Starring in HBO’s Game of Thrones, wife pregnant with their first child, an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Game of Thrones, and now crowned with GQ’s “Stud of the Year” award, Peter Dinkladge is clearly on top of his Hollywood world. 

When talking with GQ about his studliness Peter responded,

“STUD?!”  (insert loudly repeated “STUD” a few times).

“I feel as much of a stud as… I can’t come up with a metaphor. That’s how lacking in studliness I am.”

The video below is a fantastic look into Peter and his sense of humor. Surrounded by beautiful women in lingerie he talks of his favorite television shows and just gives up, because who is really listening to him while these lovely ladies stand behind him. Check out how Peter’s eyes grab a quick look at the 45 second mark. That glance confirms his studliness, he knows you see him look, and he’s cool with it.

Peter also discussed some interesting insights into his character Tyrion from Game of Thrones with GQ reporter Lindy West.
“Tyrion was made an outcast by his family, so he—how should I put it?—he doesn’t give a shit,” says Dinklage. “But he’s also kind, in a way, and that’s a relief in a show where everybody’s constantly chopping each other’s heads off.” Does he find that, since Tyrion, women are looking at him differently? “I never know where women are coming from. I’m still figuring them out, and I’m 42 years old.”

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