The 10 Best Nerd Channels on YouTube

The internet in the recent years has become a social playground for anyone to express themselves. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social interaction sites have led to the great and hilarious memes, photos, and videos that the whole world can share and enjoy.  Ladies and germs, today the wonderful people at Nerdbastards have conducted a search throughout the internet for the top ten nerdiest Youtube channels and it’s just waiting for you to squee in your little nerdy pants! From original musicals about famous films, putting lyrics to classic orchestral/instrumental pieces of music, or giving video game reviews we have the brightest and baddest nerdy channels that will rock your socks off so sit a while and take a gander at what we have in store for you.


A man with the charisma of Craig Ferguson, but without the creepy robot sidekick, Tobuscus wins our top spot just  by the sheer amount of subscribers to the first channel that started him on the road to Youtube stardom, with the start of his Literal Trailers. His Literal Trailers have over a million views with his most successful  being the “LITERAL Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood” Trailer  that reached over 14 million views. Recently, Toby released a new literal for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and created 2 highly popular animated songs, titled “Nugget in a biscuit”, which details Toby making a sandwich out of 2 Chicken nuggets and a biscuit; and “Safety torch”, which shows him breaking into a small boys house and selling him torches to keep monsters away.

LITERAL Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Trailer –



FreddieW aka Freddie Wong  is another high rolling youtuber who is at the top of the gamer foodchain. He  has been in videos with Epic Mealtime, and has appeared on different TV syndicates along with being a filmmaker  musicianVFX expert and e-Sports player. He maintains his own YouTube channel, with a total of 449 million video views and over 2.4 million subscribers. He maintains the sixth most subscribed-to channel on YouTube, and presents the craziest and most visually stunning videos on the web it would be a crime for him not to be in the top three spot.

Jedi A-Holes Strike Back –


3) Legolambs:

A YouTube channel devoted to pop culture musicals and run by Jon and Al Kaplan, which first gained notoriety with its musical inspired by Silence of the Lambs titled “Silence! The Musical: Put the F-ing Lotion in the Basket”. This parody of the most iconic line in the film portrayed by Lego’s really put them on the nerdy radar. The channel eventually hit a home run with the following video musical titled: “Conan the Barbarian: The Musical”, which received 2,096,895 views. These and many other original musical works are what really set this channel at the top of the nerdy food-chain because of its unique take on some of the most iconic films in our time.



Among the many musical acts on the internet brentalfloss is a cute above the rest. At 92,000 viewers and counting, brentalfloss is a comedian, musician, and gamer. He first gained notoriety when he added lyrics to the title theme from Mega Man 3 and created the “With Lyrics” series on Youtube. He has since been featured on ScrewAttack Entertainment and his collection of original and instrumental inspired“ With Lyrics” give every nerd a good chuckle or two…maybe more. (I’m sure men won’t admit to laughing that much, but hey I know its true) His seasonal  “With Lyrics”, “Literally Shorts” , and normal “ With Lyrics” really set this channel apart from many others.

Ducktales: The Amazon WITH LYRICS


5) AVGN ( Angry Video Game Nerd):

The Angry Video Game Nerd (abbreviated AVGN or The Nerd and formerly, The Angry Nintendo Nerd), revolves around retro game reviews that involve bitter rants against games he deems to be of particularly low-quality or poor design. The series began as a feature on YouTube, and later joined ScrewAttack Entertainment, which would later have three of its features, including the AVGN, transferred to GameTrailers exclusively. The show, was formerly known as The Angry Nintendo Nerd, but had to be renamed once the show started reviewing games on other consoles, and to prevent any trademark issues with Nintendo. Ranty, informative…angry, AVGN is one of top reasons YouTube exists.

Super Mario Bros 3 and The Wizard – Angry Video Game Nerd –

 6) ScreenTeamShow:

Meet Chad & Angie. Chad makes musical pop culture parodies. Angie stands around and bounces her boobs back and forth (Mostly). The duo combined their super powers of music and boobs and formed ScreenTeamShow – a YouTube channel dedicated to geeky vlogs and songs. Their blossoming relationship would create a unique chemistry and style of geeky vlogs that only gods would understand.

Pokemon! Party Rock Parody – LMFAO –



Andre the  BLACK NERD is energetic and bubbly on camera, and with his love of video games, and the Disney Channel he is what we would call the Adtween (Adult Tween) who exmplefies the kid at heart in all of us. His most popular video Super Mario Bromance, along with rants and parody videos makes him one of the diamonds in the rough of smart, but awkward. I’m sure you’ll be able to deal with it though.

RANTS! MARIO, FUR IS MURDER! Black Nerd Rants on PETA vs. Super Mario 3D Land –



The Fine Brothers are one of the web’s pioneer filmmakers. They have been producing films online for nearly 7 years and continue to be one it’s most popular comedians. They are kings of the countdown, taking spoilers to the next level. They have ruined Oscar nominees, video games, books and summed up nearly five decades of Doctor Who in six minutes. In today’s on-the-go, fast consumption society, these two fast, jive talkin’ Jewish bros will tell you everything you need to know in 3 minutes or less (usually).

Doctor Who: 47 Years in 6 Minutes –



If you’re a science fiction fan on the internet, odds are you’ve come across some of the many videos by OneMinuteGalactica. OMG is a hyper active producers that is always putting out new sci-fi inspired funnies. Re-edits, mash-ups, fartjokes… he does it all. He has single handedly embarrassed all of sci-fi/fantasy movies and TV.

The Worst Couple in the Universe –



Haters gonna hate, but Epic Meal Time has invaded Nerdbastards! I mean we just had to write about this YouTube cooking show known for creating extremely high-calorie meals, generally out of meat products (with particular emphasis on bacon) and alcohol (especially Jack Daniels). It debuted in October 2010, and since then has started to release an episode every Tuesday.It is hosted by the wild and awfully shouty Harley Morenstein and a group of his friend. Really, just a bunch of dudes makin’ it happen. Each episode ends with a group of people eating the meal, often very messily with their hands and sometimes incorporating unusual serving utensils like wooden paddles, a chainsaw, and hockey sticks.

Ninja Turtle Soup – Epic Meal Time –

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