‘Dark Knight Rises’ News Galore – Prologue, IMAX, and New Viral Campaign

- 12-09-11Film Posted by Adam A. Donaldson

It’s one week to go until the release of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, which, as we all know, is attached to the prologue for The Dark Knight Rises. (Who are we kidding, we all know we’ll be lining up at the IMAX theaters for the former and not the latter.)

To wit, a number of critics were in attendance last night at a special screening of the prologue in LA introduced by Rises director Christopher Nolan. HitFix‘s Drew McWeeny (formally Moriarty of AICN) was among the people in attendance, and had a pretty good, and relatively spoiler-less review of the prologue this morning. “It is a spectacular big screen sequence built around practical stunt work and some amazing camerawork, and my first impression of the whole thing is that I don’t really recognize the Bane that Nolan has created for this film, and I like that,” wrote McWeeny. ” I like that he’s taken this comic character which I’ve always seen as somewhat ridiculous and, in less than ten minutes, turned him into something between a cult leader and a crime lord, a figure of real terror.”

So no complaints? Haha! Yeah right. And guess where in the issue lies. “I will say that the mix on the sequence we saw tonight could use some tweaking,” he added, “because while I believe Nolan’s goal is to make it hard to understand everything Bane says, it really felt like I only picked up about 10% of what he said, including an emphatic ‘The Fire Rises!’ at one point.”

So I guess Tom Hardy went to the Christian Bale school of voice modification for his Bane prep. Either that, or that mask is really cumbersome for conversation.

So we know that the IMAX is amazing, but Nolan had words about how much IMAX footage will make it into the finished film, and by his estimates, according to the SlashFilm, it will be about 50 minutes worth. To put that in context, The Dark Knight had about 26 minutes of IMAX footage, including the opening heist with The Joker, while Ghost Protocol has 23 minutes of IMAX footage.

Finally, there’s been another viral campaign launched in relation to The Dark Knight Rises, and the prize for the game once played is the location to somewhere (hopefully) near you where the Rises prologue will screen early. A viral clock over at The Dark Knight Rises site called Operation Early Bird revealed a map with several glowing points of light on it across Canada, the U.S. and Great Britain. Together with a series of co-ordinates read off by a female voice, you can find out where the prologue will be previewed on December 13, and you can RSVP to the screening closest to you. JoBlo followed the progression of the game.

So are you pumped yet? Keep in mind though, once you see the prologue next week, all you have to look forward to is more rumors and innuendo for seven months until The Dark Knight Rises is released next July.


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