Dr. Who – The Yo Momma Jokes

You’ve lost whatever high ground you might have held in the argument once the “Yo Momma” jokes start flying. If your gonna go there, at least go strong. Tailoring your momma jokes is an important part of scoring big. Since most of us are Nerds that hang around with other Nerds, having some good Nerdy Dr. Who “Yo Momma” jokes at hand might just keep you from shame on the playground of life.  

Check out the video below written, directed, and starring Dave Urlakis and Zack Whittington. Edited by Ryan DiGiorgi. Music “Fig Leaf Rag” by Kevin MacLeod – Incompetech.com.

Then check out the Dr. Who Christmas Special trailer after.

In the war-torn Britain during the Blitz, the Doctor and a ginger version of the kid from Stuart Little find a magical snow-covered forest inside a wardrobe in an old house.



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