Those three things may not be what you had in mind for the future of Doctor Who, but that’s what Steven Moffat‘s thinking, and in Moffat we trust. In a recent interview with Doctor Who Magazine he shares these thoughts about next year’s Who, which we won’t be seeing until the fall (grumble, grumble), and even reveals the title of an upcoming episode! Sort of.

Below are some of the comments as transcribed by Bleeding Cool,

…nothing in the next run is starting out as a two-parter. At this stage, everything is a single episode, and the only reason anything will become a two-parter is if we think it needs to be; not so much that the story is too long for 45 minutes, because nothing is too long for 45 minutes, but if it feels as though there are two distinct stages to the story.

This year, we used a lot of cliffhangers and mysteries to pull people through, but then I remember the moment, at the end of A Good Man Goes to War, when we put up the title Let’s Kill Hitler. That was so exciting. I’m thinking, ‘Can we do that every week?’ You can sod off with poetic understatement.

I was looking at the facts and stats and it’s not true that the two parters save us money. We’ve assumed it for years. They don’t save us money at all. Not a penny. So what’s the point in them?

I want to be able to say, every week, we’ve got a big standalone blockbuster, and then a trailer that makes it look like nothing compared to what’s going to happen next week! That’s the form for next year.

I want slutty titles and movie-poster plots. I want big pictures and straplines. The first episode I’m writing is called [Spoiler] of the [Spoilers]. And it’ll feel a bit like Die Hard, that first episode.

Ha. Yeah, don’t bother looking in your issue of DWM, it really says, “[Spoiler] of the [Spoiler].” Why, that sneaky bastard. But otherwise, what d’ya think? I like have more single episode stories. Gone are the days when Who stories would be told over multiple serials, today’s audiences want to sit down and in 45 minutes have enjoyed a complete story. And there really were an abundance of two-parters last season.

“…slutty titles and movie-poster plots,”? As I said earlier, in Moffat we trust, but I’m not sure if going bigger and flashier is always better. I wouldn’t mind a few, low-key story lines. Maybe something purely character driven. And really, what the hell does he mean by, “slutty titles,”? That one has me confused. I mean, yeah, Amy’s often seen in short, little skirts but what is there that’s slutty about Doctor Who? And why would we want it to be sluttier? I must be misunderstanding his meaning.

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