You know that six-minute prologue for the Dark Knight Rises that runs before Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol screenings at 70mm IMAX theaters in only a handful of cities that are nowhere near you? Worried you won’t see it? Well, some little do-it-yourselfer uploaded it to YouTube very early this morning and shared it with the world (for about an hour before it was taken down.)

Titled “Turtles, Ducks, Kangaroos, Roosters” its out in the wild but it’s not lasting long, so if you really really want to see it, start searching the video sharing site of your choice. Obviously this is spoiler territory, so if you want to hear how muffled Tom Hardy’s Bane voice is coupled with shakey buttcam footage that’s out sync, you can check it out after the jump (if it still works).


If it stops working, Bane says ‘grmphbml murmmaf brlfml’ and some shit happens.

Hey Warner Bros, wanna ‘leak’ a high quality bootleg some time soon? You did it for The Dark Knight

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