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We’ve featured before the video of 100 Ways to Die in Skyrim, now we’ve got a video of 42 Ways to Die in Saints Row: The Third. If you like watching people bite the dust in video games it’s your lucky day, there are some phenomenal deaths in here. Like being juggled in the air by explosive rounds or being smashed in the head by a mace. Good, wholesome stuff. (TDW: Geek)


Today is a day for callbacks. Only yesterday we shared the incredibly awesome Doctor Who cardboard cutouts currently decorating Orbital Comics. Here are Ryan Hall‘s He-Man and Star Wars creations as promised,

For more images head on over to Bleeding Cool’s post on the He-Man and Star Wars displays.


This — this, I don’t know if it’s so creepy it’s cool or just plan fucking creepy. Erin Pearce has taken dead beetles and dressed them in amazingly accurate costumes from Jurassic Park. I know, why? They’re for sale on Etsy if your interested and really have the desire to own your very own Dr. Grant beetle. Oh, at $100 a bug. (TDW: Geek)


All right, if those bugs weirded you out here’s an ADORABLE baby dressed as Jack Skellington. Parenting, you’re doing it right. (Fashionably Geek)


If that cute little skeleton didn’t warm your Grinch heart hopefully this will, Darth Vader on electric guitar conducting a Christmas choir flash mob. The Algonquin College Youth Choir surprised their fellow students with “Carol of the Bells” with a special Sith orchestration.


From one college prank to another, the students of Caltech’s Prank Club (Yep, it’s a thing) transformed the cubic sculpture in New York City’s Astor Place into a Weighted Companion Cube from Portal. Clever, clever. And come on, you know this looks better than whatever the cube was originally. (TDW: Geek)


Dude, Master Chief is such a douche. At least he is in the latest video from Freddie Wong. Well, actually, whenever I’d play HALO the Master Cheifs I come across are normally massive douches, too.


Sexy ladies in sexy costumes, you guys like that stuff, right? Here’s a treat, it’s Yaya Han and Mostflogged as Catwoman and Poison Ivy photographed by Ljinto. Enjoy. (Geeks Are Sexy)


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