Did Bill Murray Shred Ghostbusters 3 Scripts?

Get an industrial sized grain of salt handy because this is just another nasty little rumor about Ghostbusters 3. The National Enquirer (what? It is a valid and trusted news source) claims that Bill Murray has sent a rather clear message about his involvement with the possible threequel.

As we have heard for years now, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis are on board to fire up the proton packs again but Murray (who has script approval) has been holding out. Now according to the Enquirers source, he really didn’t approve of the script. The rumor is he sent Aykroyd and Ramis a box containing the new script shredded with a note that read “No one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts!

Dick move, Professor Venkman.

The source also claims that Dan and Harold got the messages, got mad, and got the idea to move a head without Bill.

Now like I said this is just a rumor and I don’t want to sound like a Bill Murray fan boy here, but if he DID do this… maybe its a good thing? Sure, I’d love to see another Ghostbusters movie but I’d also want to see a  good Ghostbusters movie. The last thing Ramis made was Year One (not good). As for Aykroyd? Last thing he made that I enjoyed was vodka that came in a bottle shaped like a skull, oh boy did I enjoy that.

Is this the end of Ghostbusters 3? Can they/would they do it without Venkman? If true, can I have the shredded script? I’ve got a hamster named Bill that wants to give it a once over, if you know what I mean.



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