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A new book entitled Where’s the Doctor? features clever images drawn by Jamie Smart that hide the Doctor, Amy, and Rory amid alien races fans will recognize from the show.

The Where’s Waldo-style pictures have been appearing in the UK magazine Doctor Who Monster Invasion, and Penguin Books has put them in a single book that will have you spending hours looking for the familiar bow-tied one.

You can grab your own copy on Amazon for about $9. (TDW)


GlaDOS PotatOS for sale via Think Geek. Because, yes, you need a passive aggressive potato. (GeekoSystem)


I’m sorry, I tried to think of something that could never possibly destroy us. It just popped in my head. (Reddit)


Star Trek Enterprise Christmas light display. It’s by far the best X-Mas light display EVER! Hopefully, the delerium crystals will remain stable! (Reddit)


AT-AT’s pulling the Star Destroyer like a sleigh (via Artist Scott Park). Seasons Geekings indeed. (GeekTyrant)


In the recently leaked Dark Knight Rises trailer there’s a quick camera pan of a crowd in a football stadium. Do you see that “R”? Look familiar? If you’re a comic-book aficionado, you’ll recognize it as Robin’s monogram. Clever Easter egg or pure coincidence? Me thinks the latter. FANS were told to bring their own signs during the filming of this scene.( ComicBookMovie)


Why there isn’t already a line of retro-Batman LEGOs I’ll never know.  (TheMarySue)


Jedi who are ninjas. Ninjas who are Jedi. I don’t think I need to tell you much more. (ObviousWinner)


Harry Potter VS. Lord of the Rings (Geeks Are Sexy)

Ain’t no party like a Stormcloak party! (Dorkly)


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