Hot on the heels of the explosive trailer released earlier this week, Warner Bros. dropped four new, high quality images from The Dark Knight Rises for us to drool over. Okay, so we’ve seen these before in the pages of Empire magazine, but now they’re not obscured by graphics and text. Now we can enjoy them in pure, unaltered glory.

What these images really offer us is a fantastic look at Bane’s body armor. Or really, our first great look at Bane yet. Even with muffled dialogue I think he came off as one bad ass mother fucker in the trailer. The dude blew up Heinz Field! This Pittsburgh native’s heart broke a little when I saw that, but more importantly I was like, “HOLY SHIT THAT WAS AWESOME!” Tom Hardy‘s transformation looks incredible. Just look at those arms! They’re massive!

Has everything you’ve seen of The Dark Knight Rises have you super, super excited like me?

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