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Above: This is a series of “bleeding” zombie targets made by Zombie Industries. They can allegedly stand up to 1,000 rounds and are made of biodegradable “flesh” and pockets of pink blood that ooze when hit. With a range of targets based on such subjects and Terrorist, North Korean Soldier, Nazi and even the dreaded Ex… think we could convince them to make ‘The Lucas’? (Geekologie)

The image of Effie in full makeup comes to us as part of an officially licensed nail polish tie-in ad campaign from the much anticipated movie set to be released March 23rd, 2012. According to the release, “The 12 polishes are each inspired by one of the 12 districts – allowing citizens to show their solidarity and support for a favorite tribute by wearing the color associated with their district.” (TheMarySue)

After taking down a Death Star, Lando likes to kick back with his co-pilot Nien Nunb and have a couple of . . .Colt 45 (Obvious Winner)

 A fan of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies has put together this replica of Bane’s mask. You can buy it for 350 bucks. Doesn’t everyone want to wear a facial apparatus that looks like Goatsie? (ComicBookMovie)

Some consider Batman to be Christian Bale’s break out role (actually it’s Empire of the Sun, but you haven’t seen that movie.. so I just went with Batman). Not true.  Behold this  80’s Pac-Man Cereal Commercial . Can you spot him? Who would imagine this innocent dancing kid would turn into Batman and Patrick Bateman. (GeekTyrant)

Set on Christmas Eve within the confines of the Arkham City prison, two of the Penguin’s dullest lights on the tree attempt to enjoy the holidays together. (GAS)

Amazeballs character Illusions of Batman, Transformers and Homer (Obvious Winner)

The internet pretty much broke when the trailer for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. It’s amazing, you should fuck this post (please don’t) and watch it a 1000 more times. Anyway, it’s appears Jackson wasted $500 million dollars, because the Russian did it back in 1984. Their televised film is clearly the definitive version. (Slashfilm)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim theme (Sons of Skyrim) synchronized to Christmas lights. Cool, but I cant find this house anywhere in Skyrim… (BuzzFeed)

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