Happy Holidays from Nerd Bastards!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without bashing Twilight at least once…

Ahoy fans of Nerdbastards! Listen, in observance of the Holiday weekend we are gonna be takin’ these next few days off. Yea, we know how much this upsets you (*sad face* *tear* ), but us bastards need a friggin’ break from time to time. Plus we’re gonna need a few days to recover after imbibing all this spiked eggnog. The net is gonna be pretty quite anyway. You won’t be missing much. We will promise to keep our ears to the ground (Fuck, will be spending half our time on the floor conked off our ass anyway) and if big news does pop up will do our best to cover it. Will resume posting on December 26th, Monday morning.

I think this pretty much sums up our holiday plans…


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