Listen up big, meanie toy manufacturers, your customers are as mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore! This is Riley, a little girl whose not afraid to speak her mind. “Why do all the girls have to buy princesses? Some girls like superheroes!” Damn straight.

As a girl who preferred LEGOs to Barbie, I can sympathize. Why does everything for girls have to be color-coded pink and purple? Why can’t a boy have a princess doll and girl have a superhero toy? Why when you order a Happy Meal you must specify boy’s toy or girl’s toy? Listen up Big Toy, Riley’s an example of the coming revolution, better get ready to change with the times or be left behind.

Whether it’s Bronies or sites like Superheros are for girls, too! I think the message is clear, toys should be gender neutral, let kids play with what they want!

Source: Topless Robot

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