The last time Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in anything supernatural -besides being the governor of his own state- it was 1999’s End of Days. And wouldn’t you know it, thirteen years later the Terminator is set to star in another end of the world type movie. Infidelity be damned!

Where the the Mayans right all along, is “Ah-nuld” going be the end of the world? Maybe.

Schwarzenegger told followers at TheArnoldFans that in his next project he’ll be “kind of an angel”.

Titled Black Sunday, the site described the movie as a cross between Commando and Constantine, with Schwarzenegger “raging [sic] war against weapons dealers as an immortal instrument of death.” 

Black Sunday was originally called Black Sands, with the script said to be a mixture of action thrillers like the Denzel Washington‘s Man on Fire and the Clint Eastwood western High Plains Drifter. At some point the supernatural element got thrown in there.

Black Sunday is set to start production in New Mexico on April 1st, with a possible release set sometime in 2013. That is, if we’re still around after 2012.

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