Equal rights for mutants and humans is a big deal in the Marvel Universe.  In reality, however, the situation is rather different and it all comes down to a matter of money.  Check out this ironic business dealing!

In The Real World, Marvel is claiming that mutants are not human. This has nothing to do with any sort of “ism” beyond capitalism. The rationale behind this line of thought is that toys that are made in other countries are taxed less heavily when they are of non-human characters than when they are of humans. The matter is entirely financial in this situation, and not ideological by any means. Of course they’re going to capitalize on this distinction as much as they can; by claiming that X-Men mutants are not humans, Marvel pays less taxes. Why the hell not?

From /Film:

The great Radiolab podcast has a show that begins with two international trade lawyers who noticed an interesting distinction in taxation for categories of products being imported into the US. ‘Dolls,’ which are toys that represent humans, are taxed at 12%. ‘Toys,’ meanwhile, are, well, toys, but ones that don’t represent humans. Those are taxed at 6.8%. You can probably see where this is headed.

Who the fuck knows why there is such a huge difference in the taxation prices.  At the end of the day, Marvel’s lawyers have won numerous legal cases that have led to the result that all licensed X-Men products are to be taxed at half the rate of toys representing human characters.  This is pretty badass.

This shit actually worked!  Just imagine all the possible applications of this knowledge for various corporations to cut down on taxes.  Of course Batman’s not a “man”; he’s a Batperson, which is technically not a “human”.  (This kind of fuckery will lead to the rules being changed, but whatever.)

Source: /Film

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