Why they haven’t released a real, proper image of Rhys Ifan‘s Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man, I don’t know. We’ve seen that craptacular PEZ dispenser and what may have been an original concept design, but nothing legit, nothing official. And guess what we have here? Oh, another stupid toy tie-in with some terrible picture of what The Lizard might look like. This is terrible hype-generating, Sony.

Coming Soon has more images of these super awesome controllers. Sorry, excuse me, these controllers are retarded. I can’t imagine what they’re for.

But in addition to yet another lame Lizard reveal, even more questions have been raised by the packaging for Mega Bloks’  Oscorp Tower FX Battle set. As you can see in the image below the set includes figures of Spider-Man, The Lizard and SWAT Lizard. Umm…WHA-?

Apparently this might be further evidence backing up a rumor from, “Big Fanboy that claimed the conclusion of the film would involve Dr. Connors transforming an entire SWAT team into his lizard-like minions.”

A Lizard SWAT team. Really?!? This has the potential to come off as really awesome, or it could fail spectacularly.

While I’m excited by what I see in The Amazing Spider-Man‘s trailers and promotional images, absolutely everything I see or hear about The Lizard just screams campy. I’m sure my fears will be squashed once they share some proper, good quality footage or images, but until then?

I feel confidant The Amazing Spider-Man will be superior to Spider-Man 3. How superior, I’m not sure.

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