Since you’re here I’m going to wager you consider yourself a nerd. And if there’s one universal rule about nerds, it’s that we love trivia. The very core of being a nerd is knowing things about things. And once we know things, we like to show off that we know things about things. Well, say hello to your new favorite Twitter friend: NerdTrivia.

From the mind of Laura Massery, NerdTrivia is a new Twitter trivia game covering all sorts of topics: science, technology, gaming, literature, movies and television. How do you play and what can you win (besides awesome bragging rights)? First you’ll need to follow @NerdTrivia, they’ll then follow you back so you can send and receive Direct Messages. Between the hours of 8am and 6pm, at the top of every hour, they tweet out a trivia question and you have one hour to respond (via DM). Here’s a couple examples of the kinds of questions they tweet: For 5 points: Collectively, helium, neon, argon, kyrpton, xenon, and radon are known as what kind of gases? For 10 points: In Star Trek: DS9 the USS Defiant was originally designed to defend against who? Answer within the first three minutes, you get bonus points!

If you answer correctly another NerdTrivia account will reply to you with your points earned. Visit their official site to see the leaderboards, find out how you can submit your own questions and unlock achievements. Oh yeah, and the stuff you can win? When you play you’ll be entered in weekly drawings for prizes like a $25 gift card to Think Geek!

What are you waiting for? Start proving your nerd cred with NerdTrivia!

Source: The Mary Sue

Category: Nerd Culture