2012 is going to be a big year for superheroes both on the big and small screen, From The Dark Knight Rises to The Avengers and maybe even the Man of Steel, toss in DC Nation on the Cartoon Network and more on TV and it is a real good time to be a comic book nerd.

Obviously the first big blockbuster of the year is The Avengers, meaning the news is fast and furious and we’ve got a healthy stack of news for you here. We’ve also got a fresh look at the upcoming Blade anime cartoon that is sure… anime, and cartoon. To cleanse the pallet we have the ghost of superhero movie past, yes more terribleness from Superman Lives.

All coming up after the jump in your latest Superhero Round-Up!

The big news from The Avengers is from the folks over at  On Location Vacation, it looks like Joss Whedon’s movie based on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is headed for some reshoots.

We’ve heard from a couple different sources that there was a casting call issued for The Avengers in Los Angeles this week.

All we know so far is that there is going to be some activity at Manhattan Beach Studios today for the movie, but it sounds like it is only a rehearsal or fittings, no actual filming, yet.

If they are doing some re-shoots in the next couple of weeks, it will most likely take place in the studio.

Well, they are in studio shots which means they are smaller less spectacular shots, unless of course they are green screened and heavy on the CGI.

Speaking of CGI, the man tasked with being the third, in so many films, big screen Hulk had a few things to say about how the character has evolved in The Avengers.  Mark Ruffalo had this to say about the emerald giants role in the film, via the Wall Street Journal.

“I don’t think Bruce Banner’s any longer trying to run from the inevitable, which is his voice, and that’s a kind of maturation that all of us go through. At this point, I think he’s ready to turn and face this beast that he’s partially created and try to integrate it into his life and use it for the good that he intended it to be used for.” 

“There’s a lot of world-weary charm in the character,” Mr. Ruffalo says, “a lot of sense of humor about himself and where he finds himself. He has this maturation that I think makes him ready to accept whatever his fate may be.”

A quick aside here, out of the all the Marvel Universe, I still say the Hulk has been handed the biggest raw deal, movie wise (breath a sigh of relief, Fantastic Four), from the lackluster Ang Lee directed Film to the good (but not great) Edward Norton stared flick, the less than jolly green giant is in need of some good treatment, let’s hope Ruffalo can do it. Mark does go on in the article to talk about the Avengers as a whole with some interesting comments.

“You have all these disparate egos, superheroes in this and that, and they refuse to give up some of their positions in order to make a more perfect union and to join the team, that’s really what the whole movie is about: subjugating your own best interest momentarily to further that of the whole. I didn’t know it a year ago that it was going to speak to so many of the issues we’re having here in the United States and throughout the world, the same kind of theme. These movies reach a lot of people, they’re our modern mythology,” Ruffalo says. He followed comic book superheroes as a kid. “I think a lot of the beliefs I have and cherish were fostered by the decency of our superheroes, and what they were about and what they were fighting for.” 

Is it to early to pick Ruffalo’s Hulk as my favorite character from the Avengers? Oh, speaking of Avengers related favorites, I now have my favorite piece of office furniture related to Earths Mightiest Heroes. Behold, Tom Spina Designs Avengers desk!

As you can see it is complete with places for Captain America’s shield, Thor’s mighty hammer Mjölnir, as well as Iron Man’s helmet and Arc Reactor. The desk top is complete with a nice display case Nick Fury’s Needle Gun and a drawer for The Hulk’s Gamma radiation, um, stufff. How cute, it even has a special place for Hawkeye’s trick arrows, like they matter.

Quick show of hands, who’s been making fun of Spider-Man: Turn of the Dark? All of us? Ok, well we all have to shut up now since it has apparently it’s breaking more than it’s actors, its now breaking records. USA Today reports that the Broadway production has taken in a record $2,941,790 over nine performances last week, the highest single-week gross of any show in Broadway history.

As you can see from the above, Marvel is doing pretty damn well with it’s properties, well welcome to the end of that thought process. Ok, maybe I am being harsh but the trailer for G4’s “Blade” anime series which begins Friday, January 13th at 11pm doesn’t look good to me.

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If there is one bullet we have dodged as far as superhero films go, it is Tim Burton‘s Superman Lives. If  you need further proof, Tim Burton.JP recently came across some toy concept sketches that are just…  ugh. Look at them, then look away and hide your shame. If you have any hate for the DCnU redesigned Superman, you have to admit, it’s better than this nightmare.



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