Make all the cracks you want about George Lucas being a crappy director and an even crappier writer (Episode III — The dialogue!! — Those lines, they burn!) you’ve gotta admit the guy’s a fantastic idea man. While Star Wars pulls from all sorts of resources for inspiration, from classic Greek mythology to samurai films, the universe Lucas defined is unique and engaging. Otherwise there’d be no Star Wars fandom like there is to day. Well, that and its incredible merchandising.

All those cool ideas he had about the Force and lightsabers and hyperdrives and sexy, Twi’lek slave dancers, they all create the fabric of why we’re still obsessed with the Star Wars universe (Even after a few terrible movies).

Below is a neat documentary, which you can watch IN FULL, where Lucas sits down with Bill Moyers to discuss the mythology of Star Wars. An interesting watch for any Star Wars nerd, which I’m probably correct in presuming, we all are here.

Bill Moyers joined George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch in northern California to talk about the ancient myths and personal values that have synthesized into Star Wars. The epic themes in Lucas’ cinematic stories are a springboard for a candid conversation about family, fatherhood, spiritual beliefs, and the importance of moral tales for every generation. Intercut with movie footage from the original trilogy as well as the prequel, The Mythology of Star Wars with George Lucas and Bill Moyers provides a revealing journey in the company of the filmmaker through some of the most famous scenes of the Star Wars saga.

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