Nerdy Home Renos: Spiderman Themed Bathroom

Usually, when I think of ‘crap’ and ‘Spiderman’, my thoughts roll over to the last film in the Sam Rami trilogy, today that changed. For your consideration, we give you a Spiderman themed bathroom, designed by Riley Replicas for a friend that apparently needed to have a big sandy fist in the face while pinching one off.

“I had a friend who wanted to decorate a room in her house for her husband who is a HUGE Spider-man fan so I made this wall panel for the room. I went with a faux brick wall theme with Spideys villains bursting through the wall! I have The Sandman, The Lizard, Doc Ock and The Green Goblin represented.”

It is really awesome, to say the least. Hit the jump for more photos.

Hey, wait a minute… I see The Sandman, Doc Ock and The Green Goblin, but where is the The Lizard?

GAH! Awesome, I now will live in fear of having a Spiderman villain watching me poop.

Source: Geekologie

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