It’s  been some time since we’ve shared anything from our favorite zombie show. As we begin this new year expect AMC to begin promoting the hell out of The Walking Dead‘s return. The second half of season two premieres on February 12th and until then we’ll be feasting on clips, trailers, promo images – basically whatever scraps AMC feels like sharing.

To begin, here’s the first course, a short trailer followed by two clips:

Ooooh…whose ready to see Shane get his just deserts? I’m putting my money on it happening at the end of this season. Shane really went off the deep end during the mid-season finale and he’s making no friends accusing Herschel and playing Dale for a fool and a coward. Word of caution, don’t fuck with Dale. Also, don’t fuck with Maggie, I loved her getting all up in Shane’s face after he threatens Herschel. I’m expecting it won’t take long for Rick to start questioning his best mate. And how do you think they might “off” Shane? I’ll be livid if they change it from the comics, but I understand it could be a delicate issue. Then again, with how faithful they’ve been to the comics, Shane might outlive everyone, that sneaky bastard.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC Sunday, February 12th at 9/8c pm.

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