Darth Vader Gets Drunk and Disorderly in Florida

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What does Darth Vader do in his down time when not appearing in Star Wars related media, or making convention appearances? Well, he’s an old dirty bastard, I’ll tell you what! Whether it’s knocking over a bank for some quick cash, or exploiting loose real estate laws in the Ukraine to annex a small part of it, Darth Vader’s a bad ass.

So what’s Vader up to these days? How about getting drunk and taking a nap in the middle of an Orlando, FL road at nearly 3 in the morning? A state trooper stopped when he saw the obviously intoxicated Dark Lord of the Sith stumbling down the side of the the road. Not taking any crap from some trooper, Vader then apparently used some colorful metaphors to tell the trooper where to go, and then walked out into the middle of the road to have a bit of a lie down. And then this happened:

The trooper then told [Darth Vader] to get up, but he attempted to punch and kick the trooper, who deployed his Taser, according to the FHP. Officials said [the velveteen-larynxed cosmic dictator’s] thick jacket prevented the Taser from working, so the trooper used pepper spray to subdue him.

Darth Vader was arrested on felony charges of resisting arrest and battery on an officer and taken to Orange County Jail, after he was taken to the hospital complaining of shortness of breath. You know, sometimes you can’t make this $#!% up…

You can watch footage of the bust captured by an Orlando TV News crew here.

Source: io9.com

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