Sexy Cosplay of the Week- Valvaris

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Happy First Sexy Cosplay of the Week for 2012!

We’ve got a whole new line up of 52 cosplayers waiting in the wings for your weekly treat and what better way to start than with Germany’s own Valvaris

A true pro, she always adds her own little charm to her of costumes, this schärfe makes her cosplay stand out on it own. Both dynamic and sexy, she’s a great way to start the new year.

With a majority of her cosplay being anime based, Valvaris squeezes a little bit of herself into each and every costume, we mean that both figuratively and literally. From the classic Sailor Moon uniform, which will always be a little boy’s dream, to insanely hot Highschool of the Dead Takagi Saya in a rocking bunny suit. But why am telling you, look for yourself!

Hit the jump and be amazed by Valvaris.

Check out more at Valvaris’ worldcosplay, deviantart or pages

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