While I’m still a little disappointed Kenneth Branagh will not return to the director’s chair for Thor 2, I’m really excited to see where Alan Taylor takes Thor, Loki and the rest of the Asgardians. Especially after whatever happens in The Avengers. Umm, actually, I don’t know if Thor 2 is set  pre- or post-Avengers?

About all we know for sure is the film is set to release Novemeber 15, 2013 and is to be directed by Taylor with Chris Hemsworth returning. Tom Hiddleston, Thor’s half-brother, Loki, revealed a bit more in a recent online chat with fans at Empire,

I have no idea. And without revealing too much, there’s a specific skill set you need to be Loki’s army – let me know if you have the qualifications. And all I know about Thor 2 is that we’re supposed to film it in London in the summer and that it’s being directed by Alan Taylor.

And I have no idea what question he was answering. Was it something like, “How can I enlist in Loki’s army?” If so, yeah, how can you?

Anyway, filming begins next summer and it’ll happen in London. And I’m going to presume this means Hiddleston is confirmed to return as Loki. Or Marvel’s just fuckin’ with him.

“Uh yeah, Tom. We film this summer in London. See you there. ::snicker, snicker:: He thinks he’s still in the movie, haha. Oh shit, I haven’t ended the call yet –”

Hiddleston returns as Loki in The Avengers, for realz, May 4th. But in the meantime, what do you think will be happening in Thor 2?

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