Is there a pie Tom Hanks doesn’t have a finger in? He’s working on movies, he’s producing television shows and now he’s helping to create Yahoo!‘s first original scripted web series. The animated show is a futuristic, sci-fi premise called Electric City and will be produced by Hanks’s production company, Playtone.

Yahoo!’s vice president, Erin McPherson, says of the show,

Tom actually created this. He wrote and he stars in the lead voice. It is animated and it has a science fiction bent and in that way, like all great science fiction, it definitely plays on what is the best type of society to live in and themes around energy usage, conservation and sustainability.

Expect an officially annoucement at CES. McPherson went on,

It is the perfect environment to talk about the marriage of technology and content. We wanted to start off 2012 with a very strong statement about our commitment to premium content and bringing the world’s best storytellers to life and utilizing our platform and our technology to do that.

I’m excited for more web content, and an animated science fiction web series is right up my alley. I wouldn’t associate Tom Hanks with science fiction though. Then again, who doesn’t love Tom Hanks? He’s easily one of America’s most likable actors and I can’t think of project of his I haven’t liked. [Note: I have not seen The Polar Express.] I’m definitely interested, but unsure. When I know more maybe I can make a better judgement. What do you guys think? I’m torn.

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