Zebielski Hired to Direct Police Academy Remake


New Line is hoping that digging up the bones of the Police Academy series and dusting off all those tired jokes and prat falls might allow them to re-energize a series that did produce SIX movies. 

New Line has certainly followed the spirit of the Police Academy movies by hiring Scott Zebielski to direct the remake. Zebielski’s main claim to fame at the moment is his producing work on Tosh .0. I have to say that marrying this guy to the Police Academy movies makes sense in that light. Tosh.0 humor is right up the Police Academy ally . . . like a mugger threatening you with a rubber chicken.

Another possible advantage to hiring Zebielski to make this version, it is that he actually went to the police academy in LA, and is a reserve officer in West Hollywood. So maybe this will be a staggeringly realistic depiction of the rigors of police training . . . with slapstick thrown in. You can pretty much count on a Steve Guttenberg cameo, unless he snags a meatier role. This NerdBastard would love to see him play the part of Lt. Thaddeus Harris – played brilliantly by G.W. Baily.

Instead, we’ll probably get a Tosh.0 crossed with an episode of COPS aimed at the 12 year old crowd.

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