When Joss Whedon‘s Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on TV, its twists had you obsessing about them for weeks. Now that Buffy and the Scoobies are in comic book form, it looks like the biggest twist was saved to blow your mind all over the goddamn walls.

[WARNING: Heavy Spoilers Ahead! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.]

Those of us who intend to purchase the latest issue of the Buffy Season Nine comics, issue 5, will be greeted by a big fat bombshell.  Like your mom.


You Ready?

… Last Chance.


Buffy’s got a slayer in the oven!

The very last panel of issue 5 has Ms. Summers holding up a positive pregnancy test. First off, congrats  to Buffy! Second, just who in the hellmouth is the baby daddy? Fans of the series will know who Buffy has given the stake to and taken a staking from… but whose stake went the distance? Spike, Angel, or perhaps a drunken one night stand with Xander? Guess we’ll have to wait nine months to find out.

Start placing those bets, nerd bastards!

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