The Fantastic Four movies were bland, dull, unexciting, and ultimately missed the spirit entirely. They were also missed cast. Really, who thought it was a good idea to make Jessica Alba the invisible girl? I want her to be visible at all times. Anyway, with both films being below average comic book efforts, FOX will try again. A reboot has been percolating for the past couple of years, with a final decision expected sometime next month. In the meantime, however, a director has been pegged.

Variety reports that Josh Trank, the debutante director of the imminent found-footage superpower Chronicle is the first choice to direct the project, although no offer will be extended until after Chronicle opens.

Chronicle looks promising, and Trank is clearly someone to keep an eye on. Personally, I never really cared for the FF as a comic, and I don’t know how they can pull off a decent movie without it ending up like the first two.

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