When DC Comics announced last week they’d be changing their familiar “swoosh” logo to this new “peel-back” design, the interwebz grumbled with dissatisfaction. I know, what’s new, right? But tell me you didn’t look as the new design and think, “What the hell?”

When the logo was first unveiled most fans agreed it was plain, boring and actually hard to discern it was supposed to represent a “D” and “C.” I guess with “DC Comics” or “DC Entertainment” printed below you’d get the jist, but otherwise it’s a little confusing. That hasn’t changed with these new variants, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much difference a little color and flare makes.

Notice they included a new Watchmen-inspired design, which I figure we’ll see on those new Watchmen books we keep hearing so little about. They’ve also revealed how this “peel” will work in other formats other than the logo. For instance on their mobile app or in other advertising.


All right, after seeing these designs I don’t feel it’s nearly as stupid as I iniatially thought. I still don’t love it, and I still think the “swoosh” was a perfectly fine logo, but I’m in no way affiliated with DC’s marketing so who really cares what I think. Re-designing their logo is the least offensive thing they’ve done over the last year to alienate their fans.

There has been no reveal of how the logo will appear animated, but expect this post to be updated if it happens soon.

What do you guys think of the new “peel-back” look, or how some think it’ll be referred to, the “DC Flip?”

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