RuneLords Getting the Hollywood Treatment


David Farland‘s epic fantasy series The Runelords is getting the Hollywood treatment. Hopefully that means a decent script, budget, and director; not the usual Hollywood “We’re gonna write a script, put it in a drawer, and bring it out every couple of years to dust it off, hire a rewrite, then put it in another drawer.”

The Runelords universe:

In the world of the Runelords, any lord is basically a super-hero. By use of magic, a king can take attributes such as brawn, wit, speed, glamour, and stamina from their vassals. Thus one man can combine the strengths of thousands, but at a terrible cost: those who give up an attribute lose it until the bond between the giver and receiver is broken by death.
In a move that most of Hollywood never follows, the actual creator of the series David Farland just finished writing the screenplay and is taking production meetings in Hollywood. Here is what David had to say about the project:
“With the Runelords, I wanted to create an utterly different world—the kind of place I would have wanted to visit as a teen—the kind of place where men are tested to the core, and the losers are hamburger.” 
Farland went on to discuss the current Hollywood fad of using successful comics to create new films:
“Most films get made today because the studio can ‘see’ the film in advance through comics.” So Farland has also begun speaking to comic-book artists regarding the possibility of creating graphic novels. “When I met with a videogame company yesterday,” he chuckles, that was their first question. ‘Have you started the comic book series yet?'”
If you haven’t read any of the series you can download a free e-book (for a limited time) and check out the other news about the project at

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