If you’re keeping count, like me, the second season of HBO‘s Game of Thrones premieres in 71 days. WOOT! It all kicks off April 1st with 10 episodes comprising this season, just like the first. As we wait, in agony, HBO is releasing production videos from the set, earlier we shared one highlighting the filming in Croatia, this one focuses on the show’s art direction. And guess what? Pretty much everything involved in making Game of Thrones look awesome falls under this department. They’ve done such a wonderful job with the first season, and season two looks even bigger and better!

Most notably in this video look for a rebuilt Winterfell, our first look at Craster’s Keep as well as the derelict Harrenhall.

The amount of detail that goes in to these productions always astounds me. And you wouldn’t think you’d notice all the little things until they’re not there. Without such attention to detail Westeros and the lands to the east would not appear as rich and authentic, and Game of Thrones wouldn’t the the smash hit it is for HBO.
On a scale of 1 to 10 how excited are you for Game of Thrones to return? I’m easily way off the scale at about 15.
Source: Winter is Coming

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