Christian Bale Would Consider A Fourth Batman Movie?

Remember when Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale made it clear that The Dark Knight Rises will be the end of a trilogy for the director and actor respectively? Well, looks like someone wasn’t being honest with himself. Speaking recently with Empire, Bale gently backed out of that statement.

“All I know is the likelihood that this will be the last one, well, I wouldn’t say definitely. If Chris goes, ‘Hey, I’ve got another story I think could be interesting,’ then yeah, great, I’d go do that. I always assumed it would be three, but I could be wrong. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with me, but I don’t feel any pressure.”

Granted, Nolan has been pretty clear that the third movie will be his last time directing the Bat. Still, it’s nice that Bale would toss that little sound bite out to give batnerds everywhere an ounce of hope that the Nolanverse Batman movies could continue. Hey, at the very least we know Gary Oldman is up for it.

Source: Empire

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