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Cosplayer Omi Gibson does Resident Evil‘s Jill Valentine right. See Fashionably Geek for more photos.


If you’re a fan of cosplay, or know absolutely nothing about it, check out this video,” What is Cosplay.” It provides the perspective on the cosplay culture from real con-attenting fan, Charmie Sweets (Sara). (Fashionably Geek)


YOU – SHALL NOT – park in this driveway. Please, park on the street. (Nerd Approved)


You love Freddie Wong videos, right? ‘Cause if not I don’t really know what you’re doing here. Wong’s newest vid, “The Golf War,” is an epic battle for the green. And it might not appear to be as heavy on the special effects as his previous videos, but I’m sure these guys are not this good at golf. (TDW: Geek)


You’ve probably seen the new designs for DC Comic’s logo. You also reacted like this, didn’t you? Admit it. Change is tough. (Bleeding Cool)


There’s a new international poster for Prometheus. Not terribly different, but somewhat. Look to Geek Tyrant for the domestic poster to compare.


Welcome to me in every RPG I ever played. I am such a loot whore. If only the Lootsack of Crushing was real. (Dorkly)


OMG YES. I want a direwolf of my own so badly. So much so I’m kind of disappointed this is only a rad t-shirt design.  (Fashionably Geek)


Wait for it. (TDW)


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