Okay, really? I can’t get over how many of the first looks and best looks for characters in upcoming flicks have come from toys. Just off the top of my head I remember our first look at The Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man and the reveal of the Batwing’s official name in The Dark Knight Rises both came from toy packaging.

Now today we have two more first and better looks. This image was taken at Hasbro’s booth at a Toy Fair in London and it provides us a great look at The Hulk‘s design from The Avengers.

Also released today is this new photo from Empire, which gives us a really close look at his face.

What do you think of The Hulk’s final design? I’m interested to finally see some footage of him in action, and hopefully as we get closer to the May 4th release date we’ll see some HULK SMASH-ing in new trailers.

All right, second reveal, it’s our best look yet of Anne Hathaway‘s Catwoman suit for The Dark Knight Rises. There are three different Catwoman statues and figures being released, and it’s important to note she is referred to as Catwoman not simply, Selina Kyle. Also included are some shots of new Batman and Bane statues.

The more I see of Hathaway’s outfit the less I’m worried. I know I was concerned with the first promotional image they released, particularly with how un-cat-like she appeared. And while that hasn’t changed too much, apart from the addition of goggles that flip up to become ears, I do like it. I now see these stilettos which will also act a blades, but I can’t help but wonder how practical they are for racing around on rooftops. I wonder if this Catwoman will be a rooftop jumper or will she rely mostly on her newly acquired Batpod? And does she use a whip? I don’t see a whip hanging anywhere off that belt.

The pics were taken from a preview magazine and these, as well as photos of the new Ame-Comi line, Arkham City, and New 52 statues, can be seen at Idle Hands toy blog.

What do you think Hathaway’s Catwoman suit now that we’ve had a clear look? It’s sexy for sure, and I know I can’t wait to see what she does in it.

Sources: Geek Tyrant, The Mary Sue

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