Your Daily Avengers Update, Now With More Whedon!

The crap, I haven’t written anything about The Avengers in a few hours, luckily there is more from Empire!

Ok, I know the movie news about the Joss Whedon mega Marvel superhero epic (or as Empire calls it the ‘300-million behemoth, once-in-a-generation blockbuster‘) is a bit heavy these days, but we are getting close to the May 4th release date and the hype machine is in full swing. The good news is, we have some words from Whedon himself!

Let’s give the man some credit, he has taken on the herculean task of making a massive movie about earths mightiest heroes a reality. Working the previous movies in, working around each of the upcoming sequels to said previous movies…

“It was an up-all-month job. Finding the characters’ voices was not only easy, but glorious fun – it doesn’t suck to write Tony Stark – yet finding the structure was just brutal. I haven’t had that much trouble making a screenplay work since Serenity, and embarrassingly, for the exact same reason: there’s just too many characters.”

So, what are we going to see? How are you balancing all the characters, egos and, actors?

“It’s a full ensemble. Some people may feel they’re a little more marginal, but nobody was counting the lines, or going, ‘How come he’s got and I don’t got?’ At the end of the day, they knew they were going to get their moment and I was going to give them something glorious.”

Awesome, so what you are saying is Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) is really a full fledged part of the movie and has equal screen time to Iron Man and Captain America, right? How was Hawkeye on screen with the rest of the cast.

“When I had everybody on screen, you really saw an uglier side of all these guys, because they would not stop chatting. Giggle giggle giggle, chat chat chat. Literally the only time I raised my voice when were filming was because these guys would not shut up and we had to roll. Don’t get me wrong – you would see them standing next to each other going, ‘Is his costume cooler? Are his muscles bigger?’ But every single one of them was rooting for the other.”

Oh, that really sounds like Hawkeye, he’s such a scamp. Now while I cut and paste from someone else’s interview, um, what was that last thing they asked you… it wasn’t about Hawkeye so I lost interest. It was something about post-production, the editing process…

“It’s like a sea. I can’t see either shore. I’m pretty sure I will drown. Don’t even call me Ishamael. The experience doesn’t feel any different from when I was running three TV shows and my son was born. Really the same. Not so huge. As far as the press goes, they don’t put it on me,”reflects Whedon. He pauses. “And I don’t feel it. It ain’t my money. I don’t care!”

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