Doctor Who is the longest running science fiction television show, ever. In 2013 it’ll be celebrating its 50th anniversary. To say fans are excited is an incredible understatement. And with Steven Moffat promising, “there will never be a better time to be a Doctor Who fan,” who can blame us?

io9 shared this awesome video from BabelColour today, in where they condensed every appearance of the Doctor, just about ever, into one giant Eurhythmics remix. See clips from every Doctor Who story, from “An Unearthly Child” in 1963 to “The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe” Christmas Special.

I find it fascinating to note when certain monsters appear in the Doctor’s timeline. The whole video is like flipping through one giant Doctor Who encyclopedia, I love it. Oh, and the speech heard over the last part of the video is Sylvestor McCoy, the Seventh Doctor, reciting the Pandorica speech from the Eleventh Doctor story, “The Pandorica Opens” at Dragon*Con last year. It’s mind-blowingly awesome, I know.

But this isn’t the only fan video out there celebrating the upcoming anniversary. LastWhovian has also been making tribute videos. And while his are not nearly as encyclopedic, they are engrossing cinematic trailers celebrating the Doctor’s long history.

While the big 5-0 is still a ways off, I can’t get enough of these epic celebrations of Doctor Who. If you know of any others please share.

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