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ABOVE: Yes, adding a chainsaw to anything immediately makes it awesome, but fitting one to a hunting assault rifle isn’t very practical. It would spray the diseased flesh all over you, getting into your mouth and eyes and turning you into a zombie, wouldn’t it? [Geekologie]

No teleprompter make Obama angry, you wouldn’t like Obama when he’s angry. [Neatorama]

One does not simply walk into Mordor, or build it in Lego! This group portrait of the minifigs from Lego’s official Lord of the Rings sets was snapped at the UK Toy Fair, revealing several Lego LoTR characters for the first time. Yay! [Kotaku]

Catwoman cosplayed by YaYa Han. Holy boobs, Batman! [FashionablyGeek]

Apparently Darth Vader prefers briefs. Why again is his midichlorian so high? [Geekalerts]

I never quite expected Power Rangers hoodies to exist, but I’m glad they do. [EPIC Ponyz]

You can the play a recreation of the Starfighter game from The Last Starfighter, made by Rogue Synapse, right here. It’s PC only, so suck it Mac users… wait a minute… I’m a mac user. Game looks disorientating anyway. [ToplessRobot]

I don’t know why, but I think this remixing of C64 Alien on Commodore 64 would be perfect background music on anal sex night. Am I wrong about it being a good butt stuffing beat, or I am I just being too weird? OK, never mind me then, it’s perfectly  suited for tea-time, working out, vacuuming and other normal stuff. [ObviousWinner]

Listen to dwarf dork ShaDoWCa7’s hauntingly beautiful 16-minute musical interpretation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Misty Mountains Cold / The Dwarven Song of Old Wealth” from The Hobbit. Yep, this is by far a better anal anthem. [YouBentMyWookie]

Hey, when you want to win a girl, you gotta jump. Bitches love jumping. If it’s true in video games, it’s true in real life.  [Dorkly]

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