It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything at all about a Captain Marvel movie, well the hero formally know as Captain Marvel but with that being the name of the other guys company, well… he’s official being called Shazam now. So, Capt… um, Shazam is about to make his way back to comics in the form of a back up feature in the Geoff Johns/Jim Lee book Justice League. Johns spoke with Newsarama recently about the character and his future, letting a little news about the long talked about never done movie project.

NR: You’ve been working on producing and co-writing a Shazam movie. Is this comic book story at all related to the work you’ve done on the film? 

GJ: Not really. It’s got some elements that I pitched in there, and some of the same characters, obviously, because the characters cross over. Tonally, it’s probably pretty close. 

NR: We haven’t heard much about the film project lately. Is it dead, or is there still a possibility this could be a film? 

GJ: Oh, no, Shazam’s always — there’s always a possibility for Shazam. There’s always talk about Shazam. And I can’t get into the specifics on that, but yeah, there’s hope for Shazam.

Some other interesting tidbits from the interview can be found after the jump.

The character will now and forever more be known as Shazam. Long been a legal thorn in DC Comics side since they acquired the character from Fawcett Comics (years after suing them out of existence), the Captain Marvel name has been dropped. The character will also have a new costume design, fitting for his new place in the DCnU (sigh). There will be mystery with a touch of humor and yes, the familiar faces of Billy, Mary, Freddie, Sirvana, the Wizard, Black Adam -along with some new characters and concepts.

Johns says that the backup will be to Captain Mar… damn it, Shazam, what Man of Steel was to Superman, Year One was for Batman and compares it to George Pérez‘s Wonder Woman and the Todd McFarlane  run on Amazing Spider-Man. Wow, that’s some big talk. What do you think, will this finally give the character his due after years upon years of failed attempts and abject obscurity or is Geoff just going to Johns all over this character too?

You can read the whole interview for yourself on Newsarama.

The ten page “The Curse of Shazam!” feature starts with Justice League #7.



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