The Avengers will be kicking off the summer blockbuster season this year when it releases on May 4th. It’s also expected to be one of the biggest movies of the year, and that’s saying something in a year where we’re looking forward to other HUGE franchise releases like The Dark Knight Rises and The Hobbit. I’m not saying we’re looking at a repeat of 1939, often considered one of the greatest years for movies, but there are A LOT of great flicks to be excited for in 2012.

But I really think The Avengers is going to own 2012, and that’s coming from a devout follower of the Bat. It’s simple, Dark Knight Rises is only Batman, The Hobbit is singular, but The Avengers has Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Scarlet Johansson’s ass, Hawkeye, Samuel L. Jackson, Agent Coulson and that chick from How I Met Your Mother.

It’s an impressive lineup and one that is primed for marketing. Just look at all this awesome shit you’ll be throwing money at this year!


First, we have the the largest and most obvious tie in, TOYS. I honestly expect stores in America to have an aisle dedicated to The Avengers this year. Here’s a tiny sample,

For more ridiculous toy tie-ins like Divebomb Mission Iron Man (He shoots foam discs!) or Captain America’s Brigade Blaster, which, I shit you not, is just a star-spangeled repaint of NERF gun I already own, visit


Next are some exclusive  prop replicas and collectibles eFX. The quality is awesome and I’m sure the price tags will be jaw dropping, but let’s marvel anyway.


eFX Inc. Enters the Marvel Universe
With a New Line of Prop Replicas 
to be Introduced This Spring 

Limited-Edition Prop Replicas and Collectibles Based on Iron Man,Thor, Captain America and More to be Revealed in 2012

                   BURBANK, Calif. (Jan. 26, 2012) – After making full-scale prop replicas and collectibles for some of the most iconic science-fiction, fantasy and action franchises of all time, eFX Inc. announced today that it will unveil an all-new line based on film and comics characters in the Marvel Universe.

                  eFX, which has acquired worldwide rights to create Marvel collectibles, plans to reveal its new line of Marvel collectibles in the first quarter of 2012, and to display the first collectible prop replicas from the upcoming Marvel film The Avengers at WonderCon in Anaheim, Calif., from March 16 to March 18.

                  Included in its initial line-up of limited-edition Marvel collectibles are expected to be Captain America shield, Thor’s hammer and a full-scale Iron ManMark V mask.  As fans worldwide anxiously await the May 4 theatrical release ofThe Avengers – which brings together some of the most famous Super Heroes ever created – eFX will continue introducing new Marvel-based collectibles based on these incredible characters.

In addition to prop replicas and high-end collectibles, eFX will also offer a series

of items inspired by Marvel characters and properties, which, like the replicas, will be available on its website at and at select retail locations.  Prices are expected range from $49 to $1,500 and more.

                  “The Marvel universe is extraordinary, diverse and exciting – just like Marvel’s fans around the world – and we are really eager for them to see what we are creating with guidance and input from the Marvel team,” said Bryan Ono, president of eFX Inc. “Marvel’s comics and movies offer virtually endless possibilities for absolutely incredible propreplicas.”

                  Since its inception more than four years ago, eFX has created the highest quality, limited-edition collectibles based on many of the most recognized and iconic properties in the world.  Many of its sold-out, limited-edition creations are prized and sought-after by fans.

                  Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and other characters from the Marvel universe join an incredible list of properties within the eFX portfolio, including theStar Wars Saga, Star Trek, the original Battlestar Galactica, and classic Disney movies.

                  More details about eFX’s current and upcoming collectible pieces can be found at the eFX Inc. website,


There’s a good chance you’ll be watching The Avengers in 3D. It’s personally not my favorite, but maybe these Avengers‘ 3D specs will change my mind.

Hmm, not if they’re going to run an extra five dollars, which is what is reporting. They’re neat designs, particularly Hulk’s with the furrowed brow, but I think they’d sell better as sunglasses, not 3D specs you wear once, maybe twice. Do you think you’ll snag a pair? And if so, which one? (Geek Tyrant)


No surprise here, but I’m betting come Halloween Avengers will be the hot ticket costumes. Above you can seen some of the kid’s costumes and below their adult counterparts. Check out for the deluxe kid’s costumes with light up effects, some awful looking wigs and of course, a kid’s version of Black Widow. Thankfully with the costume zipped up.


Now finally, here’s something you can enjoy for free.

IT’S AVENGER TIME! With Cap, Iron Man, Hulk & Thor! Brought to You by MAD.

Cartoon Network‘s MAD created for us The Avengers/Adventure Time mashup we’ve been yearning for. At least I have been.

Hah! I love Finn and Jake as muscle-y comic book characters. And maybe’s it’s because I’m a sucker for the zany animation in Adventure Time, but I’d love to see a super hero show in that style. (The Mary Sue)

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