Christian Bale Talks Batman & Heath Ledger

With the release of The Dark Knight Rises still months away (damn you July 20th, haul ass) the sheer amount of time I spend scouring the internet for batnews to consume is staggering, here’s a nice little slice that just about slipped by.

Christian Bale (who turned 38 today, btw, and we wish him the happiest of b’days) recently hand a lengthy interview with Style Magazine that unearthed a few little tidbits you might enjoy. Notably his thoughts on Batman and the man that set the villain bar impossibly high, Heath Ledger.

Hit the jump to find out what he had to say.

Batman is a superhero pare excellence…
For me he is an anarchist and a free spirit. He knows that there are parallels between him and his enemies because life is never stable – you always have to fight for it. Keeping in mind that it may never be boring and that nobody is obliging you to behave like a superhero and to always have your muscles flexed and bulging.

You were a close friend of Heath Ledger, the actor who died of an overdose in 2008, at the age of 28. What do you seek in male friendship?
An exchange, never rivalry, and I like people who have obsessions, passions, people who do not always want to be in the limelight. Heath really was a lovely person, he loved his daughter dearly and he spent his life seeking answers. He was nothing to do with the commotion that broke out after his death. Nobody ever really is a cartoon superhero, even although superheroes are all the rage today.

It’s statements like the above that lead me to believe whoever tries to fill Batman’s cowl after Bale has a tough ass job. Out of all the actors that have played the role, he’s the one that seems to have a deep understanding of the character. As for the bit about Ledger, well the best way I can wrap that up is with what is arguably one of the greatest photos ever. The Joker doing a kickflip over the Batman.

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