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ABOVE: Skyrim has pretty much run it’s course in cultural coolness, I think we’re all pretty much done with it. With that said,  Female Dovahkiin’s will never go out of style. Steel boobs and a helmet with f*ck-me-from-behind handles will always rise a Fus Ro Dah out of me. [ObviousWinner]

This is a CGI model of what a Space Invader from the classic video game might look like in real life. It was created by digital artist Tom Carruthers, and it’s incredibly gnarly and gross. [cghub]

All right. So I’m a pretty vulgar guy that will stomach anything the internet throws at me. Chicks dootin’ into a glass and eating it? My physician prescribed me 2 doses of that every 8 hours. A guy using a mason jar as a stool? What? Was that guy spying on me? He stole my idea! Naked Asian midget with Down’s toilet seat amputee porn? I’m still in the developing stages of that one… this for some reason doesn’t sit right with me, but hear me out anyway. Apparently you can have your very own re-usable Vampire maxi pad thing. Please excuse me whilst I hurl. [GAS]

Courtesy of Cfaddicts, we now have our first look at some of DC Direct’s upcoming Batman products ranging from Batman: Arkham City Series 3 to The Dark Knight Rises.

From Batman: Arkham Asylum Series 3 we have: Ra’s al Ghul, Batman, Azreal, Penguin and Clown Thug [Cfaddicts

I was never really good at slot car racing. The cars always managed to leave the track and go flying into my ball bag. Well, I just may have to get myself a cup and duct tape my exhaust port, because these Star Wars slot cars are awesome! There’s no word on a release date, but Scalextric has them both listed on their website now. The Micro Scalextric Death Star set will retail for £69.99 (~$109 USD), while the larger Battle of Endor set is listed at £99.99 (~$156 USD). [Geekologie]

Jayne Cobb as a baby. How adorable is that?

You can actually buy this wee sized Jayne hat for your smuggling hero to be. Order HERE

If your significant other is a hardcore Skyrim addict, consider offering him/her one of those Skyrim-themed Valentine’s Day cards by tumblr blogger Oxboxer.

A female, sexed-up take on Jensen from Deus Ex. Yay for side boob! [Fashionably Geek]

Freddie Wong presents the craziest and most visually stunning videos on the web and we love him for it.  In Freddie’s newest video, he finds an old book that teaches him the secret of the Fire Flower from Super Mario Bros., with amusing disastrous results for an unlucky pedestrian. [Neatorama]

Save the whole world and everybody will thank you, kill a chicken and everybody will hunt you till death.

Anyone else notice that when the gaurds lined up to fire they are aiming at the knees?  [Dorkly]

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